Dream catcher
Produced in 2008, I have just revamped this tune and given it the accompaniment of a video. It has a very old story included within the video telling how the Dream catcher came to be. Happy dreams.

Title African dawn

Produced 2005
Genre – World music
Artist РNew dimension (K  Bosley)

Features Guitar and flute, who knows where inspiration to create something comes from, ? an image, sound or idea, its never clear. That was the case with African dawn, I woke up one day with a part of this tune buzzing around in my head and the tune came to life from there. What I do know is while creating this tune, images of Africa did become part of its creation in my mind. When finished it did seem to me that this video could only be a tribute to the African continent, I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed creating it.

The old wild west

Produced 2016
Genre = world
Artist – New dimension (K Bosley)

What is left of the old wild west ?, If I had the opportunity I would love to explore it in the same way the cowboys did it back in the old days, on horse back, what a journey that would be. This tune represents my imagination of what perhaps it would be like.
The whistling theme that started the whole journey was found quite by accident. I was practising the flute at the time and part of the theme came out of the flute and that started the whole tune rolling. Fun to produce, Hope you enjoy.

Rainy day blues

produced – 2008
Genre – crossover
Artist – New dimension ( K Bosley)

No prizes for guessing what inspired this tune, it was one of those days, however on this one Rainy day blues was born. enjoy.

Dangerous Liaison

Produced 2007
Genre – soundtrack
Artist – New dimension (K Bosley)

We have all been there at some time in our lives, late at night, a strange place, just a feeling of unease, I have attempted to write some music to provide some atmosphere to that feeling. Luckily most of the time that feeling is just a figment of our imagination. enjoy.

I will add some more of my music at a later date, Thanks for listening.