Creative off cuts

Every now and again I sort through the off cuts of timber I have, just to see if there is any useful sizes that can be designed into something useful. I find them very handy if I have an idea, or just want to try something new. Please find below a few of those items.


Essence stick holder-2


Essence stick holder

The Essence stick holder is Easy to clean and set up for its next use. Material Mahogany – Dimensions – 24 cm x 7.5 cm approximately.




Pine Vases

Three turned vases, Material pine –  Dimensions Large  22 cm x 5.5 cm approximately – Two small – 14.5 cm high x 5 cm approximately.


A range of our uniquely designed Bird boxes

Here are some of our bird boxes that are designed to imitate a real building type, this allows for the boxes to have a lot of character and also allows for some fantastic photo’s when the birds decide to take up residence.

In the selection you will find – The Robin box, designed on a stable, The Blue tit box, designed upon the local pub and the Church also designed for the Blue tit and similar.


Both the stable and the local pub have fixings in the gable which allows the roof to be removed. The church has a access hatch at the rear which is easily removed for access.

Creative bird boxes