Native American style Flutes

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.Creative Spirit – Native American style flutes.


I make our flutes from various hard woods including Mahogany, Oak, Sapele and Maple.

Every material I use will give the flute made a unique voice of its own. In fact two flutes made from the same material will have subtle differences in their voices

A flute made of a softwood like pine would have a softer more mellow voice than a flute made of Maple which is a very hard wood and would give  the flute a sharper voice. This is due to the efficiency of  vibration travelling through  the flute when its played.

This is one of the wonders of the flute, there are never two the same, each one is very individual and unique.

Musical scale

All our flutes are tuned to the minor pentatonic scale, the musical keys vary. The Totems on the flutes are individually carved for each flute, again giving the flute its own personality.


With every flute comes a small booklet, this contains general information about the flute, some history and some fascinating information about how the flute came to be, and how it progressed and advanced through the years.

A creative spirit booklet supplied                     with each flute.


A segment from the booklet relating to the many personalities of the flute ; ” It can morn like a Loon, it can bugle like an Elk. it can trill like a warbler, It has many moods, expectant for the sunrise, happy when calling the bubbling brook, complacent in the dusk at works end and seductive when calling a lover.”

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