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Bow bells
About us

Kevin and Kim grew up in London, Kevin was born within a stones throw of Bow Bells making him a true cockney,

His chosen career was electronic engineering specifically telecommunications and security. Outside of his chosen career he always had a passion for creativity in the wood trade.

His other great love has been Music, listening and creating. He started playing guitar at the age of 15 and is still a big  part of his life today.



The wood trade

The wood trade has been in Kevin’s family for generations from his fathers side and has been traced back so far to 1753 where his grand father of four generations ago was a coach builder. So having the wood trade so close to him as he grew up around his father, it has taught him a secondary trade in wood craft.

It was in early 2001 that Kevin decided to take this second trade to a new level, this was mainly due to Kevin and his families decision to live in Norfolk UK. The opportunities for work in the wood trade were huge and Kevin felt that this would be a great opportunity pursue this career. The decision was a good one and Kevin has not looked back since.


The flute  

 It was early in 2014 whilst looking for new material to play on his guitar at his weekly guitar jam with a friend, that he came across a song called ” I’m ready” by Brian Adams”. The song features a flute which is beautifully played. Not having played the flute, Kevin decided that he would teach himself to play this song.

He purchased a native american flute on-line in the hope that this would be a good stepping stone to learn to play the flute. When the flute arrived it was a great disappointment as it had been very poorly made and was not in the key he had asked for. From this event though came a positive as he decided to make his own flute.

It took many months of research and trials that has now got him to a stage where he is producing flutes that are beautiful to look at and sound fantastic. The flute has now become a regular at his rehearsal and practice sessions and he is, as he says “getting a bit useful at it”.

The game of chess

Chess is a game that has been in Kevin’s life since a child. As a child he once saw a beautiful chess table and pieces in a jewellers. Its a memory that stayed with him through his younger years, He has been producing chess tables and pieces for many years now.


Walthamstow market


Kim was born in Walthamstow and lived all of her childhood in that area. Her chosen career was hairdressing and she was trained in Bond street London.
Kim developed a love of needle craft at a young age. as she spent a lot of time with her nan who was a dress maker. Starting out by making clothes for her doll’s, this soon developed as she got older into making blouses, dresses and skirts for herself and friends. Cross stitch and embroidery developed in later years, More recently Kim developed an interest in calligraphy and has raised this skill to a very acceptable level.
Combining their skills together they are producing a very good standard of arts and craft.

Kim has now produced some beautiful flute bags and is in the process starting a new project for herself designing and making Smudge fans.